Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hello again

 Hello my lovelies.

I have got some weird errors happening with my blog and have been unable to get into it to do anything for weeks. It seems to behave better accessing it via Firefox than Internet Explorer but I've no idea why that would be. Anyway....I finally managed to find my way in and found that I had 5 comments awaiting moderation. Hmmmm! Don't remember switching that on but probably a good idea. So....a belated thank you to my bloggy mates who dropped by and left a comment. So good to see you.

Now that I have managed to do a post, I'll pop in a photo or two. I have just discovered the pixlr website which has lovely "Instagram" type filters that allow you to play with photos when you don't have an iphone. I finally have an iphone but strangely, I prefer pixlr to Instagram. Anyway......here's one of the photos I have been playing with.

My girls are growing up so fast.  My big girl is nearly 10 and my little girl has just turned 6. We had a huge party with all her friends and a good time was had by all. After we did the usual "pass the parcel" (with notes saying "to a girl with a happy smile" etc instead of the old stopping the music thing which I couldn't face with 16 children), birthday cake etc, everyone just hung out and kept eating and playing with hoola hoops, scooters, etc. It was lovely.

Not sure when I'll be back as life is full of "things to do", including writing a school history but I'm still visiting my favourite blogs to keep up with your doings. I just haven't been able to comment due to technical glitches with my Google account.

Take care

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Miss Prudence said...

Ha ha! I LOVE Poldark! I once spent 2 days watching all the vids on a few freezing days in Canberra with my Mum - Oh Ross and Demelza! DId you know there is an Poldark Society?

Loved the birthday party - I love that kids can run amok without being "controlled" by paid entertainment or hostesses. And the kids seems to enjoy them the best!