Monday, February 16, 2009

A sabbatical

Hello lovely bloggy friends

Just a quick note to say I am taking a sabbatical from my blog. No deep reason - just needing to put a bit of effort into other things like um....folding the washing sometimes and cooking dinner for my husband and I sometimes and writing a blurb for a heritage trail which I should have done by now.

Also...I have temporarily run out of interesting things to say. Can't bore you with my daughters forever.

But..... I will definitely still be visiting you guys and reading your blogs so you aren't rid of me yet. I'll especially still be visiting Tammie and Citlina as it is exciting for me to drop in and take a peek at what's happening in the US and Mexico. Like reading a novel, only better because you are real! And I'll still be reading Le at Third on the Right because you inspired me to have a go in the first place. Thanks Lovie!

Thanks to everyone who has kept me company and dropped in to my little world and left their kind and funny thoughts and their support. I'm amazed at what a great community blogging creates.

Take care everyone.

Hester (Heather - really).

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thinking of Victoria

This is just a few words to say that we can think of nothing else at the moment than all the people who are suffering in the devastating fires in Victoria, especially those who have lost their families. The scenes of whole towns wiped out are just unbelieveable. After my children were asleep last night, I sat looking at some recent lovely photos of my sister's home and family that I was scrapbooking. I tried for a few seconds to imagine how I would feel if suddenly, she and her husband and their three fantastic children were taken away from us. I had to stop as the thoughts were just too hard.

I noticed a cafe yesterday with a sign on its tips bowl saying "All tips going to the Victorian bushfires victims". I thought that was really touching and hope that everyone can dig deep to help these communities come through this nightmare.

Another reminder (especially in the current climate of financial worries) that people are the most important thing in this world and life is the most precious gift.