Saturday, November 6, 2010


A pretty witch, two black cats and a scary boy!

We had a lovely Hallowe'en this year. Only the second year that we went trick or treating (or as a certain four year old pronounces it "frick or freating") but it has well and truly become the thing to do in Australia these days. Why wouldn't anyone want to dress up and snaffle some extra treats?

The best part about our Hallowe'en this year is that we shared it with some beautiful new friends. They were experienced Hallowe'eners and showed us the ropes. First a party (complete with scary sound effects, cobwebs and a VERY scary zombie Dad and then a walk around the neighbourhood to do some trick or treating - mostly at the houses where we knew people.

Our new friends lent us a box of beautiful dress ups and both my girls wanted to be black cats. My wee girl was such a cute puss that I think I may dress her as a cat more often.

My big girl was a beautiful cat too. I had no actual costume so had to make do with being a witch/princess in a black dress with a tiara. Here we are doing scary faces.

PS Love and big hugs to a beautiful, grown up, good witch. You know who you are!