Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just photos

Just a couple of photos for this post.

And these lovely masks are from Venice. My sister-in-law brought them back from a recent holiday and gave them to the girls who thought they were just magical

It's a lovely rainy day where I am. The only thing is I threw all the sheets and the towels in the wash and have no dryer. Might be a good time to go home to my mother for a visit.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A new chapter

One of the highlights of the school holidays for me was catching up with my oldest best friend who was visiting from Sweden with her family. It's wonderful for us to sit and chat while our four little girls (who have only met a handful of times over the years) hang out together, playing, reading and giggling. Makes me very happy. Funnily enough, our two oldest girls are quite similar in nature and so are our two youngest scamps. I guess it's maybe something to do with where you come in the family. It's comforting to know that big sister/little sister angst is not just happening at our place. And of course, we know how much they love each other really (Isn't that right, girls?)

Now we are into week 4 of the school term. I already feel like a different person - I am really benefitting from a big dose of peace and quiet five days a week. I feel very lucky to have a year off work to get myself together, get things around the house organised, cook more evening meals and iron more shirts for my hardworking husband who does so much more than his fair share around the house. And taking the girls to school and picking them up every afternoon without the added stress of rushing to and from work twice a week makes life so much easier. As everyone predicted, the hours when they are at school go very quickly and there isn't always time to do some quilting or have a nap. But I have already been to the movies a couple of times, caught up with my school mum friends and done a bit of reading/meditating so I am feeling really recharged.

I hope you are all having a happy and relaxing week.