Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lemonade stall

I've been very slack on the blogging front lately. Sometimes life takes so much effort, there's no energy left over for blogging about it. Life has been extra busy with jazz ballet, giving history talks here and there, school working bees, friends coming to play. All good stuff.

One of my favourite things we have done lately was have a lemonade stall one sunny day during the Easter break. It was my little girl's idea. She asked her Daddy to help her make lemonade for a stall, so lemons were squeezed, juice and sugar were boiled on the stove, a table, jug and cups were taken out on to the footpath, a quick sign was made and we knocked on some neighbours' doors to invite them over for free lemonade.

Soon we were joined by our favourite families in our street. It is one of my all time favourite things to sit in the sunshine, chatting with our lovely neighbours, watching the children entertain themselves. good!
Time to queue for seconds.

Kipper joins the party. Unfortunately he has to stay on the lead or he would gallop off and explore the neighbour's gardens before heading down the laneway to the nearest busy road.

Our girls had watched "The Sound of Music" for the first time the night before so my big girl fetched her pop-up "Sound of Music" book to show her friends.

The book was a big hit and the girls are still singing "Edelweiss". (Makes me cry every time I see it)

Moving on to other games.

Thanks for coming along everybody. See you on the footpath soon.