Thursday, December 27, 2012

Belated Christmas wishes

I wasn't organised enough to send Christmas wishes to my faithful few bloggy mates before Christmas but I was thinking of you all and enjoying checking out what you are up to. I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas and wish you all happy adventures in 2013.

We have had a lovely relaxed Christmas. Our girls seem so big now that they are both at school and that helps make the day easier when there are no naps etc to worry about and they cope better with driving to and fro the various family celebrations. They really loved hanging out with their big cousins. Although the ipads/iphones etc came out now and then, there was also chickens, a trampoline and games to keep them all amused.

I saw these little reindeers made of corks and twigs last year in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine and couldn't find any corks to make them. This year I was more organised and begged a few from friends who have a wine importing business. On Christmas Eve, the girls and I collected twigs and sat down at the table to create some little Rudolphs. Now they are living on the mantelpiece with our other favourite Christmas decorations.

My big girl knows the truth about Santa. I have never been very comfortable with perpetuating the myth even though I know it is part of the magic of Christmas for children. It always feels like lying to me. I said to our big girl "Let's not make a big deal about Santa coming" but of course our little girl was still keen to leave out carrots and biccies. We had to move the fireguard out of the way so Santa could get down the chimney. In the morning, she said "Why did Santa use our gift tags?". Perhaps next Christmas she might winkle out the truth.