Monday, July 20, 2009

Fun in the sun

We went and saw the Disney Princess on Ice thingy on the weekend - a spur of the moment decision by the Daddy mostly. The plan was to perhaps just take the big girl, but I said the little girl is old enough to understand missing out on a special treat so she should go too. Just in case she couldn't sit still for a couple of hours watching various princesses skate about, both parents should perhaps go as well. we all trooped. I'm not a huge fan of big moneymaking franchises aimed at children but I vastly prefer the value systems, language, and dress code of Disney princesses over Bratz and Polly Pocket so I consider Barbie and Disney the lesser of many evils. We all enjoyed the show but the best part of the day for me happened when we arrived home. It was a gorgeous sunny winter's day and some of the neighbourhood children in our cul-de-sac were out playing on the footpath. One little boy was riding his scooter in the cul-de-sac while his mum sat on a chair on the footpath watching for the unusual event of a car coming towards our end of the street. The children across the road were having their own little garage sale. E wanted to have one too, so we dragged out some small tables and chairs, some old toys and the children spent the next two hours buying each other's junk for 50c a piece while my neighbour and I sat in the sunshine and ate and chatted. It was just how I want their childhood (and my motherhood) to be. No TV. No Disney princesses. Fresh air. Children entertaining themselves. No messy house to look at. The Daddy inside having a rare moment of peace and quiet to read the paper. And it was all free (except for a few 50c coins).


Tammie said...

i love this. i love the contradiction between the two events. in the end the free event in the driveway was probably as much fun to the girls (if not more so) than the Disney Princesses.

my daughter wants to see Dora Live. i would rather stab myself. whenever the commercial for it comes on and she asks to go, I say "Probably not, but we will talk about it next time." Recently she looked at me and said "But next time NEVER comes!" shes catching on to me.

arent Bratz just the worst?! the girl has one that i think she got it at a yard sale, and i hate it. it wears more makeup than i do.

hester said...

Yeah - as one mother said to me, the Bratz dolls look like lap dancers. Great role model, hey?

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Hester- The recipe is a friend's mom's recipe. If you need it ASAP, I can email it to you. If you can wait a week or so, I am making it for my husband's birthday next week and will post the recipe then. Thanks for stopping by. Your girls are too cute!