Monday, March 8, 2010

Something learned today

Wow.....I've really slackened off on the blogging front. Apart from being busy with life (as you guys all are - don't know how you do it), I honestly haven't been able to find anything interesting to say.

But today...I did learn something interesting. If you try and fob your three and a half off with playing quietly beside you on the bed while you try and watch a few minutes of the Oscars, she may very quietly squeeze some three in one shampoo/conditioner in your hair. You may think she is gently patting your head and you may enjoy her tender ministrations but you soon realise that your head is wet and sticky and you need to have another shower and wash your hair before you can go out for the school run and post-school jazz ballet class.

That's the extent of my wisdom for today.
PS I'm so glad my mother and sister don't read my blog. They would be appalled at the ironing board on display in the lounge room and the extension cord snaking along the floor to my sewing machine. Oh's a mess but it's MY mess!


CT said...

Lol!!!! That is one fun lesson! Lol!

And d..n right you are! It's your mess! And it's your gloriously hectic schedule, so kudos to you!

CGDK said...

but I'm sure you smelt really nice!

Tammie said...

ha ha ha, i love it.

and honestly, the ironing board was the first thing i noticed. which makes me sound like im being bitchy, but i dont mean it that way. i just always appreciate it when other bloggers show their homes for what they really are, lived in messes and all.

le @ whoopwhoop said...

this is not a mess this is life :) best honey buns le

Nishant said...

That is one fun lesson!
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