Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Easter Parade Hat

Emmylou was laid low this week with a bout of tonsilitis (following hot on the heels of her little sister). She was almost ready to go back to school on Wednesday but not quite, so we had a quiet day making an Easter hat for the parade at school the next day. We did a paper version first to make sure it worked and then cut out the cupboard and cut tabs on the bottom of the crown to glue on the inside of the brim. We didn't make a top for the hat as that looked too hard.

Then we made flowers from tissue paper and pipe cleaners and she stuck them on. One flower was poked through a hole at the top for good measure. Emmylou decided to add a bunch of pipe cleaners for extra garnish. Here she is trying on the finished product, but looking a bit pale and peaky!

I couldn't go to the school parade as I had to work, but she had a lovely time.
Happy Easter everyone. Hope you have a lovely few days with the people you love.


Tammie said...

what a great hat.

i really like the shirt she has on too.

hope both girls are feeling better. :)

Miss Prudence said...

what a vibrant easter bonnet worthy of a parade indeed!

Hope you are recovering from the choc fest that seems to reign down on us at this time of year whether we like it or not!

beck said...

Ace hat, how fun! Hope your girls are all better now, being sick sucks. We had a good Easter but I can't believe how quickly the year is going! Big hugs to you xo