Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tree fall

I haven't blogged for many a month as life has been sucking up most of my time and energy but I was inspired by a recent post on the nature of blogging from Irregular Tammie and the blowing over of a tree in our street to make a little post of my own.

I'm also popping in photo of the morning tea I made myself this morning. I saw Nigella Lawson make her wicked french toast on TV once and the idea of it has been lurking in my mind ever since. today was turning out to be "one of those days" and I had no chocolate or nice biccies in the house, I decided to make Nigella's Doughnut French Toast. I thought it needed something on top so added some strawberries. When rummaging in the freezer for icecream, all I could find was a jelly-tip icecream so I broke it into pieces and threw it on top. All desserts taste better with chocolate and icecream if you ask me. (I confess, I feel slightly sick after eating it. There was a lot of butter and sugar involved). Which reminds me, I added cinammon to my sugar for some extra excitement. I think Nigella uses plain sugar. I'm rather fond of Nigella actually. I like her Englishness and her womanly curves and the fact that she seems to really enjoy food.

Now for the tree.....We had very strong winds in our part of Australia on the weekend and I drove around the corner into our cul-de-sac on Tuesday to see a largish tree lying on the footpath and a telephone line dragged down above the road. (I thought it was a power line so I was quite relieved to hear it was just a phone line.) The two houses opposite us have seven children between them, most of whom have the freedom of the street and spend a lot of time riding their bikes on our footpath and climbing the street trees etc. I don't normally let my girls play in the street/footpaths as I am nervous of Greta walking into the path of a car. (She doesn't have much road sense at four), but I took a deep breath and said "Off you go then" and went into the house to get dinner ready, hoping there would not be any broken limbs. I was fairly sure the bigger kids would look after the little ones.

The kids were having such a great time that I thought it would be nice to take some photos. they are. My little girl is in the red dress and my big girl is the one with the ponytails

Bye for now.


le@thirdontheright said...

yum yum yum double yummy :) wish I was there with you ... so glad you are back here - I've lost my blog - I don't know why and I hope it come back :) g looks so BIG !! hugs le xoxo

Miss Prudence said...

Well hello lovely!!!!!
So nice to see you back!
Yes, it is a big step to let them start taking risks, but an important step in their development. I do think it is harder for us though, they seem to adapt much better than us!

CT said...

Slurp! you made me hungry with that pic! and I LOVE Nigella too! a cook with curves! a gorgeous woman who loves food? what's not to love?! I can't wait to make her pineaple pops with malibu chocolate sauce!

The girls are so big!!!! good to know they had such a good time and no one was hurt!

I might have a little surprise for you before the weekend... or on the weekend... well, I'll write you and let you know! hugs!

Tammie said...

ive missed you the last few months! im glad you find the time to pop back in once and awhile.

i love nigella, for all the same reasons you do. she really seems to enjoy everything about food, from preparing it, to serving it, to eating it. her cookbook, How to be a domestic goddess, was one of the first ones that i bought and actually used regularly. she demystified a lot about cooking and baking and just made it fun for me.

david grohl said...

funy funy and funy i love it