Monday, February 7, 2011

Off to see the thyroid wizard

Just a quick update today. I'm off to hospital early tomorrow morning to have some nodules (lumps) removed from my thyroid. (Actually, the plan is to remove half my thyroid). The nodules have been slowly growing for a couple of years and the specialist suddenly decided last week that he would like to take them out "as we wouldn't want to leave them there for another year and then find they were cancerous". Mmmmm. Thanks Mr Surgeon. So reassuring. I thought that biopsy I had last year was all ok.'s not 100% reliable??? forgot to tell me that part????

Anyway...won't bore you with the details but today I need to get my head together, pack my little bag and organise life for my family for the next day or two. (Should only be in hospital a night or two). Chances are the lumps will all be fine, but I am a worrier by nature (thanks for that, Mum) so am looking forward to having the whole thing over and done with. Thought I would write a quick post to ask my lovely bloggy friends to send some positive thoughts my way.

In other news, my big girl has had the first two weeks off school with a chest infection. She's better now but a bit thin and pale. Back to school today and jazz ballet after school. My mother-in-law is coming over this afternoon to stay which is a huge help. Not that my husband isn't extremely capable but I would like him with me at the hospital until I get those results.

My girl also had her first violin lesson on Friday and brought home her own instrument on loan from the school for a year. She is overjoyed with her new friend and is walking around the house making beautiful music already. I can't wait for lesson no. 2.

My little girl is growing up and quite a handful sometimes. But such a cutie and so loving. One more year to hang out with her before she is off to prep next year. I want to do some special things this year, like gymnastics or something, as her big sister did all sorts of stuff, but my little scamp has mostly been dragged around to everyone else's activities. Despite the fact that she likes to yell a lot from excitement (or rage) at home, she is very quiet when out and about and hasn't really wanted to do lots of socialising /activities.

Brisbane is busy recovering from the floods and we are now having 30+ degree heat. Very sticky and lots of cold baths required.

Take care everybody and I'll let you know how I get on.


Jane said...

Hi Heather
I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and sending love. Jx

beck said...

Hi Heather, hope all goes ok, I'm sure it will! Lots happening in your world, life is busy isn't it? Sometimes I feel like nothing is ever simple! Great to hear there is happy music happening at your place, and a fun year ahead with your youngest. Thinking of you xo

le@thirdontheright said...

wow the g babe really is growng UP !!! hugs le