Saturday, April 23, 2011

In the garden, in the Easter sunshine

After heaps of rainy days we have finally had some gorgeous sunny weather just in time for Easter. Before the school holidays, our school had an easter hat parade which is always great fun to watch. Over 800 kids marching around in the sunshine in their Easter hat creations. I took lots of photos at school but promised the school office I wouldn't publish them on my blog. Such a pity that the world is the way it is. But here are my two bunnies at home before the parade. My big girl wanted to wear one of my sister's and my old dresses from 40 years ago. We used to call it the "stained glass window dress". She loves wearing it. "What's vintage mean, Mummy?".

I finally found the energy and a spare (sort of) $20 to buy some potting mix and extra flower seedlings. We never seem to have enough flowers. While I pottered and potted, the girls amused themselves for a couple of hours making a train out of bikes to deliver flowers.

All aboard the flower train!

I love it when they play outside in the fresh air, using their imaginations. That's how childhood should be.

My hanging baskets have been hanging empty for months and they finally have some new little green babies in them. Now I wish I had planted them up months ago. I'd have lots of colourful petunias and lobelias to enjoy now if I had.

My rock garden soldiers on. Sometimes one shocking pink sun jewel appears among the pale ones. You never know what Mother Nature will give you. We often find new little surprises in this garden that have self seeded - there are baby nasturtiums and sweet alyssum popping up at the moment.

I haven't been to church on Easter Friday for about 20 years. I don't miss it. I find the Easter story unbearably sad. Probably everyone does. Now I prefer to think about more pagan, traditional celebrations to do with new life, fertility, nature, and, of course, chocolate! Happy Easter everybody!


le@thirdontheright said...

happy easter matey :) le xox

Miss Prudence said...

love the stained glass dress! So wonderful it is being worn again!