Sunday, November 23, 2008

Stuck for words

Just can't find any inspiration for blogging at the moment. Too much going on with storms as well as the normal juggling of day to day stuff - you, dog, housework, part time job, other people's children's birthday parties, trying to find and return those pesky library books, banking cheques, shopping for Christmas presents etc etc. And I have a husband who does a huge amount of domestic/parenting stuff.No wonder our mothers didn't expect to work after having children. Running a household takes such enormous time and energy. My mother met my Dad working in a bank and obediently resigned upon marriage. I guess it was hard to argue with a bank in 1960.

The nice thing about blogging and peeking into other people's lives and thoughts is that for every mother who is seemingly baking biscuits while whipping up a patchwork quilt and doing craft activities with her well behaved and designer clad children, there is another one who is muddling along, just doing her best and perhaps managing to squeeze in the odd moment of cooking or sewing or scrapbooking between cleaning up mess and breastfeeding bubbas to sleep. So hello to all the lovely mothers who confess their struggles in their blogs. It makes me feel a whole lot better.

Someone called Tammie made me laugh yesterday. She posted a photo of some gorgeous looking biscuits she had baked that were sitting on a pretty plate before confessing that the plate was only for the photo and that nobody in her house ever uses a plate to eat a "cookie". They just get stuffed into people's mouths while doing other things like vacuuming. ( I think that was the most ungrammatical sentence I have ever written, but hey, this is a blog, not an honours thesis).

Good things from today - catching up with some friends at a relaxed kids' party at the local pool (well, the pool near where my husband grew up); eavesdropping on my daughter and two neighbourhood friends playing "mothers" on our patio and hearing things like "I'm just going to get some petrol. Can you mind my baby?"; getting a phonecall from my big brother; having my gorgeous 13 year old niece sleepover last night and watching her patiently allow my girls to sit and lie all over her for hours on end; coming home to find that my brother-in-law has nailed a plank of wood under the back gate to keep the puppy from escaping. I'm a lucky woman, that's for sure.

So anyway....hello to any of my buddies who are reading this. Here's a couple of photos of my girls at Shorncliffe a few months ago to liven up this uninspired post.


Le @ third on the right and cold peas said...

you are not stuck for words .... your words are always worth reading - from another real mother to you - this is exactly what blogging is all about - my love le

hester said...

Thank you faithful friend! You are so right.

hester said...

I mean about blogging and mothers, not my words being worth reading (lol). G has just woken up (It's midnight) with croup and is asleep on daddy's chest. Now puppy is awake and crying because I took him outside and he wants more attention. I came to turn off the computer and found your comment.

Dee from Downunder said...

If thats stuck for words I would hate to see you on a roll....

I guess I am a mother who muddles along, the only designer gear my girls have is some given as presents, that I am scared to get dirty! ha ha

Hope G is ok, my little one is battling asthma at present

Tammie said...

thank you so much for mentioning me hester!!!

sorry im late in reading way behind in my blog reading.