Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The new fence is here. A whole new chapter of my life is about to begin! Yes....the puppy can now spend most of his time outside in the yard doing all the stuff that puppies like to do, instead of shut up in the laundry when one of us can't supervise him outside. He had just become a bit more adventurous and started to gambol off chasing birds and running on the road so the fence has been built just in time. It will also be safer for the girls to play outside although I have realised belatedly that the fence may be dog proof but it's not toddler proof. I guess my children still have to supervised the whole time. Sigh! When does this phase come to an end? G has started climbing on the TV stand as well. Very scary. Perhaps my husband might get a new TV sooner rather than later as the one we have is pretty old and quite heavy.

E. took some great photos of Kipper yesterday. I think she is a better photographer than me. I can't get Kip to stay still long enough for a good photo. He is so much bigger now and is getting longer legs and some feathering of his coat. He still has his gentle nature and puts up with some amazing wrestle holds from G. when she is trying to "give him a cuddle". I'm surprised he hasn't nipped her yet and hope that never happens. I spend most of my day saying (or perhaps yelling) "Gentle! Gentle!". Still....it's all more love for the mix.


Tammie said...

the dog is adorable.

my daughter is almost 4 and she can mostly be trusted in the fenced in backyard.

i do have to poke my head out and check on her from time to time because if left alone for more than a few minures she'll eat bird seed or something equally silly.

CT said...

What a cute photo of the little princess on the scooter!!!!! she does look like she is having a great time, and the ones with both of them next to the fence look almost idylic!

Tell Emmma that is one great photo of Kipper!

Dee from Downunder said...

He's turning into a lovely dog!
We have a play pen around our TV/video, so the girls can't fiddle with it. (its up on a cabinet, so we are not watching through the bars or anything LOL)

Le @ third on the right and cold peas said...

fence looks great - a major asset.

can you put a wee lock on the gate so darling G girl cannot escape of her one free will ...

talk soon le

hester said...

Yes...we may have to put some sort of lock on the driveway gate and the little gate that everyone else can undo except Miss G.