Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On a slightly more upbeat note

In case any of my lovely friends are worrying about me, I thought I'd quickly add that after penning the last somewhat downbeat post, I went outside with the girls and played with the dog, watered the garden with Seasol (another job sort of done for the month), enjoyed the dusk and the cool breeze and had a chat to my neighbour across our quiet cul-de-sac street about having a relaxed Christmas get together on the footpath with the other families. My handsome husband (I love it when he can't be bothered to shave and looks rugged) came home to find three happy girls and a happy dog in the yard and put the fairy lights on the front of the house out of reach of the puppy's teeth.

So...that has all lifted my spirits. Sorry for whingeing.

The photo is of the girls at school last week. G decided to dress herself in gumboots, hand me down dress, hat and, most importantly, backpack and go to school. Her big sister was mortified when I got out the camera and asked for a photo in the school grounds. Sorry E!


CT said...

Glad you feel better... is it the holidays or is it just a human trait for the cooler months (oh! these are the hottest ones for you, right?) that makes our moods shift EXTREMELY???? Cause I'm riding that wagon too!

hester said...

Thanks C. I think it's the holidays. I miss my blissful hour of "me" time when G is having her nap. Hope your waggon ride is smoother today.