Monday, May 18, 2009

Mothers' Day

I had a lovely Mothers' Day this year. The fun started the Friday before the big day. The grade one children at school put on Mothers' Day breakfast in the morning and waited on all the mums which was lovely. They gave us menus and brought us our selection and all had such happy, shiny, proud little faces that I almost cried. We have a hilarious deputy principal who made a speech, concluding with "Happy Mothers' Day to all the mothers. May you get the power tools you so richly deserve". Here's a photo of E and me before we left home for the breakfast. I took an hour and a half off work as I really didn't want to miss this.

On the actual Sunday of Mothers' Day, my mother likes to have her two daughters (but no grandchildren!) go to breakfast with her and my Dad in a swanky city hotel at 7am - yes.... a bit of an effort. However, breakfast in the hotel got cancelled this year in favour of a family picnic in the local park in the afternoon. Much more my style. That then got cancelled as well as the cousins had tickets to the football without my sister realising the game was on Mothers' Day. Anyway.... the upshot is I got to stay home with my OWN family most of the day and enjoy being pampered. I had an early start (I'm talking 5am - pitch dark and quite chilly) with the little girl waking up but a few hours later I went back to bed and that was bliss. Presents and cards had already been given on the Friday afternoon as it was all too exciting for little people to wait until the actual day to show me what they had made at school/family daycare. But....I was brought the yummiest breakfast in bed by my big girl (wearing a folded teatowel over her arm like a posh waitress). She (and Daddy and the little girl) had made me cinnamon toast, cut up fruit and yoghurt and a cup of hot chocolate. More bliss. I think I read my book for a little while too. Extra bliss!

In the afternoon, I wanted some fresh air and sunshine for the family so we set off to a local park where we haven't been before. We played our first game of soccer with some convenient trees for goalposts and gave the playground a good workout. Here are the girls at the top of the slide. Nothing like simple pleasures for Mothers' Day. (Chocolate peppermint fudge is good too!)

Happy Mothers' Day everybody!


Tammie said...

your mother's day sounds great, especially the laying around in bed part. my bed and i aren't nearly as close as i would like us to be anymore.

CT said...

I'm so glad you had such a nice day!!!!!

le @ thirdontheright said...

happy days hey matey :) lovely pics too - hugs le

Dee from Downunder said...

I am a bit late, but what a great day you had!

hester said...

Hey Dee - great to see you. I'll pop over for a return visit very soon.