Sunday, May 3, 2009

Stuff I'm into at the moment....courtesy of Tammie

OK...I've run out of interesting things to say about my life and my family and our latest infectious virus. (I know, CT, I can't beat your virus!!! It's not that often we see Mexico on the news here). So I am taking a leaf out of Tammie's book and making a list of stuff that I am into right now. I have found that most of my favourite things at the moment are incredibly daggy. But that's ok. Now that I am forty-something, I feel entitled to enjoy whatever daggy stuff I want and under no obligation whatsoever to endeavour to be cool in the least. So here goes.....

Brisbane in the autumn - as you can see from the photo above, the sky is incredibly blue at the moment. The weather is gorgeous - warm sunny days and crisp nights that are just right for snuggling under the doona. A husband would be nice but at this point in our lives, we have a child each in bed at night - me in G's room and E and Daddy in our room. I guess there's always the single bed in E's room that cost a few hundred dollars on sale at a swanky children's shop that she never sleeps in.....

Easy peasy quiche. This is my mum's recipe and it is my current way to use up leftovers on the weekend, make my coeliac husband happy, save money by taking a wedge to work to have cold for lunch etc etc. Here's the recipe....
Combine half a cup of flour (SR I think - I use gluten free), quarter cup of oil (I use olive), half a cup or so of grated cheese, ground pepper and some salt, and four eggs. (I beat the eggs and milk first as that's what I do when I make pancakes). Add about half a cup of milk. (I use soy milk as I'm a bit allergic to dairy - but I can't resist having the grated cheese).
Then chop up roughly and throw in some of your favourite things eg semi sundried tomatoes, feta cheese, ham or bacon etc. Then examine the leftovers in your crisper and throw them in eg mushrooms, bits of brocoli, thin slices of zucchini, chopped shallots etc. I reckon it always looks prettier with something green in it.
Add a bit more milk if the mixture seems too thick. It should be sort of batter-y.
Pour into a buttered dish and bake in a moderate oven (180 c) for 40 minutes or until browned and cooked inside when you poke with a skewer. A non stick dish is good as the pan is always a bugger to clean afterwards. Sometimes I put it in a lasagne dish with non-stick paper underneath and just lift it out by the sides when it is cooked.
Great for picnics, too.
Scrapbooking - My dear friend Helen (who died the day before I had G and was responsible for my doing honours at uni, getting my first job as a historian, meeting my husband) was the person who first said to me "You should try scrapbooking". I had no idea what she was talking about but the first time I went into a scrapbooking shop and saw all those beatiful pieces of paper and cardstock and lettering and ribbons and stickers etc etc I was hooked. What other hobby allows you to buy something stunningly beautiful for a dollar? It's got all the things about quilting that I like - choosing colours, patterns, shapes, themes, emotions and stitching it all together - for a fraction of the cost and effort. And you get to stick photos of things you love on top. And you can do a page or two in an hour while your children are asleep. Here's a few of my favourite pieces of paper from my stash - just waiting for the right photos and an hour or two of my time.
Occasionally, I treat myself to a class for fun with my neighbour and this is what I made last time. (see photo below). We sprayed the background paper with templates and sparkly liquid glitter. It was great fun and like being back at kindy - making a mess and having a good time creating something. If you are into it, check out the online scrapbooking shop called Scrap Therapy. It's worth looking at just to see how pretty the graphics are - all 1950s gingham. I decided to start buying stuff on line as it is so hard to browse in peace with a two year old and a six year old in tow.
Scrapbooking is definitely good therapy and saved my bacon after both a traumatic miscarriage and a severe bout of postnatal depression/anxiety attacks. The only thing that took my mind off my irrational fears about how to get G to sleep as a baby was pondering "Should I use the pink checked paper or buy some green striped stuff" etc.

State of Play. This is a great British drama series that Scott bought on DVD after watching it on TV and loving it. I can barely stay up for an hour after tea at night but was riveted to this. We watched an hour every night and couldn't wait for the next installment. I love love love James McEvoy and he is so sweet and young in this. And if I were a lesbian, I'd be completely in love with Kelly McDonald. She is just so gorgeous - that face and that accent!! I can't get the slightest bit interested in the new film version with Helen Mirren and revolting old Russell Crowe. The series also has Bill Nighy who is just classic and John Simm, the guy from The Lakes (which we loved) and Life on Mars (which I have never seen)

Last but not least.....ABBA... Santa brought an ABBA cd for the big girl after she heard Mama Mia at the junior school disco and loved it. Now we listen to it in the car all the time. I'd forgotten what great pop songs some of them are. The funniest thing is that Greta calls the song "Rock Me" Rockmelon instead which cracks me up. So we love driving along, with ABBA blaring, singing nice and loud. When in the car by myself (doesn't happen much apart from driving to and from G's daycare lady and the railway station on the two days a week I go to work), I usually have on the Garden State soundtrack, KD's "Songs of the 49th parallel", the soundtrack to "Once", the album of various chicks doing covers of Neil Finn and Crowded House songs ("She Will Have Her Way", Missy Higgins, or Enya if I am feeling stressed. Also....Scott recently gave me a copy of Dire Strait's "Making Movies" which makes me feel nostalgic for my youth. I will always always love hearing "Romeo and Juliet".

OK....that's me at the moment. Enjoying dagdom immensely. Must go and put the big girl to bed. Love to you all.


Tammie said...

there is so much i want to comment on, i dont know where to begin...i may be here a while.

*what is this album of various chicks doing covers of neil finn and crowded house songs?!? im wondering if its available here? im a huge fan of crowded house and the finn family and i've never heard of such a thing. a few years back we took the boy to his first concert and it was to see crowded house, with special guest Liam Finn, who was amazing! jay and i enjoyed it but the boy fell asleep halfway through. we still make fun of him for that---who falls asleep at a rock concert?

*i love quiche too. i love a meal where you can just throw in whatever you have lying around in the fridge.

*i dont scrapbook but my best friend does and loves it. i've often thought of getting into it because, a) the supplies are cheaper than sewing and b)my friend always seems to be having fun when shes scrappin'. (her word)

im always a bit worried that the things im into are going to be perceived as lame too. but yeah, i've given up on trying to be cool too. i like what i like.

sorry im such a comment hog. :)

CT said...

I loved getting to know you a bit better. :D Isn't it funny that because you share a country with some star you are assumed to like him/her? Some of my friends are shocked to know I don't particulary find Gael Garcia Bernal all that good. "But he's mexican!" yeah. so what? so is Chapo Guzman and heck if I like him! lol!

Can I join in the quiche wagon with you and Tammie? I think it is so much fun making it, and just add a salad and you have a full, well balanced meal!

I have started a scrapbook with photos of our wedding... so far I've gotten TWO measly pages done! (hides her face in shame)No time with those two toddlers!

HEY!!!! I usually hum "chiquitita" to my babes when they are almost asleep but not really wanting to! Go ABBA!

hester said...

Tammie - I love it when you are a comment hog! And thanks for not minding me nicking all your good blogging ideas.

I can burn you the Finn covers CD and mail it to you if you like. Just email me your address if you are comfortable with that -

Talina - good luck with your wedding scrapbooking. It will be a great thing to give your girls one day. (I am going to the post office today to mail your cheer up present. By the time you get it, the swine flu will be all gone, lol)

Tammie said...

ooh thank you.
i just dropped you a line.