Monday, November 16, 2009

quilts and gardens

I have finally planted some vege seedlings in the new garden. Some eggplants (which were great for Scott's homemade gluten-free pizzas last year), some weird round looking carrots and a strawberry plant which looked very healthy at the garden shop but already looks a little worse for wear. It wilts very quickly and so I have to remember to give it some water in the mornings before the sun starts to burn. Emma is actually out of shot watering the seedlings (her idea for a happening photo!)

The whole point of the pavers and chicken wire was to keep Kipper out. Dad built a little stile for the girls to climb over, but of course, Kipper, now climbs over as well. Out with the stile!

My only other Kipper proof garden (apart from my three hanging baskets) is filling up nicely with nasturtiums, lobelia and snapdragons. It brings me so much pleasure to see some colour when I look out of our front door (and, literally, past the dog's breakfast that is sitting on the patio).

I took this of the quilt fabric I bought a few weeks ago in readiness for my first quilting class. (E loved the yellow floral material and was so disappointed that I didn't choose it for the front of the quilt that I bought it for the back) The fabric cost much more than I bargained for so making the first cuts and stitching the first stitches was a little bit nerve wracking. After lesson two I am feeling more confident. I'm amazed how well my corners match up now that someone has shown me how to pin the seams together so that the corners match up! Sounds obvious, I know, but I was just making it up as I went along before and wondering why everything looked a little wonky. Never mind - at least my first two quilts don't look factory made!

I haven't been blogging much as life is a bit hectic and I am a little down and overwhelmed by life which is how I am sometimes. Sometimes, it's hard to know what to say or blog about and after admiring Beck's exquisite photographs and words and laughing at Tammie's dry wit, I'm a bit lost for inspiration. But of course, blogging is not a competition and the joy of it is that we are all ourselves and that's what makes it such a great patchwork of people and ideas and images to stumble around in. I am also conscious of editing what I say sometimes as some people I work with know about my blog and I don't want to completely spill my guts about every little thing. Perhaps I need a new "secret blog".
I'm enjoying seeing what you are all up to so keep blogging girls.


beck said...

Hi lovely Hester, so good to see you back in town! Your garden looks like it is coming along nicely, has it been very hot in Brisbane? Sorry you have been a little low, I know how that is and it's not fun at all. I also get the thing about not putting everything down re work friends. We live in a small town and I sometimes feel like that too. I just try to be myself and not worry too much. I'd love to see some photo's of Kipper soon. Take care xo

Kate said...

Hi Hester, I am also an admirer of Beck's lovely images. Recently I went through a difficult time and ended up bloging about it on a blog that until then had been a happy crafty place and the reaction was overwhelming and lovely. Everyone has crappy times and somehow sharing it connects us and then it makes us feel better. Hope you feel better soon.

Tammie said...

that kipper is really a handful isnt he? goodness.

i love all that fabric. so so pretty.