Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hello bloggy friends,

I'm afraid I am having trouble being inspired to blog at the moment. Mostly because another virus has laid our household low so there is little of interest to report (or photograph). Also...I feel sometimes that I have run out of things to say. I haven't been sewing or cooking up a storm or doing anything too exciting with the girls. I have been concentrating on surviving each day as it comes lately, and trying to be calm and healthy and a little more assertive about the things I need or the things that bother me. So...a bit of a learning curve as I try and sort myself out. But....I have been really enjoying reading all of your blogs and also searching for new ones that I can relate to. I love seeing glimpses into other people's (usually women and mothers) lives.

As I have no new photos to post and don't like to leave the page blank and is a photo from a few years ago. It was taken before we bought the house we live in now, when we were renting a little house a few suburbs away. Queensland was having a terrible drought - you can see how brown the grass was getting. By the time we moved out, it was completely dead! Anyway....Scott took Gret out for a lot of walk when she was a baby to give me a sleep in, and this must have been a morning when Em decided to go with them. It brings back really happy memories.

Hope you are all having a great week.


beck said...

Sometimes it does feel like a major achievment just getting through the day doesn't it? It sounds like you a focusing on the important parts of your life, you & your family. Blogging can wait, it will still be there when you have the time and space. I love the photo you shared, look at your little baby! Hope you are all well and happy honey, see you soon xo

Tammie said...

beck is right. the blog will be here and so will we. hope everyone gets well soon. :) hug the girls for me.

Miss Prudence said...

I know how you feel, inspiration is rapidly leaving me for blogging - have tried generating a few different topics but it never never to attract any discussion.

Yeah, so don't worry about getting blog lost!
I would love to hear what you do - what is involved in your job, your intellectual passions outside of family life.

Well Lovely, get well. I too am in bed not feeling flash with an immoveable neck. Waiting for a chiro appointment. So get well!

le@thirdontheright said...

hello lovey .. it is a major achievement getting thru a day ... trust me I know this to be true !

great pic - I love looking at the pics when the babes were wee ... awww ... how time flies ! Hope to talk soon - hugs le xoxo

CT said...

ugh. It takes all of your energy sometimes to make it through the day. We can wait (and will, anxiously!)

sending hugs!