Thursday, July 1, 2010

Birthday girl

My Curly Whirl Girl was born four years ago today. She woke up this morning and emerged warm, rumpled and rosy cheeked, reminding me of the solemn little babe with pink chubby cheeks who was plucked from my belly on a freezing July morning. We've had a busy day which started with a visit to my parents' house for a birthday morning tea with Gret's Auntie Gina and little cousin. Here she is with my Dad. In my view, he's one of the most amazing men on the planet. And looking pretty good for 80, don't you reckon? (I always think he looks a bit like Alan Alda)

Then it was time to jump on a train and visit Dad at work in the city. We had an impromptu picnic lunch on the back steps of Brisbane's oldest church. It is thought to have been designed by Pugin and dates from the 1840s. Pretty old for our neck of the woods as European settlement only commenced in 1824 when the convict outpost was established. This little church is special to Scott and I (despite the fact that we are not Catholic) as we used to light a candle here to remember the baby we lost when I was 10 weeks pregnant. Anyway, the girls had a lovely time chasing Daddy around on the grass.

Then time to take two tired girls home. Here they are on the train reading their new Little Miss books.

I put Playschool on TV in our bedroom in the afternoon for my birthday girl to watch and then went in to what I thought was an empty room later and turned the TV off. A little voice said "Why did you turn it off, Mummy?". There she was, lying quietly in a makeshift bed amongst the clothes waiting to be folded.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

I've decided to only blog when I feel inspired to say something and celebrating my wee girl's four years in the world was too special not to mention. Thanks to all of you lovely girls who left such supportive comments after my last post. Life is seeming easier but takes some effort to stay on top of it all!


beck said...

Hey honey, I just tried leaving you a long comment but something weird happened and it disappeared! I loved this post, your dad (he is a spunk), the church, the picnic, of course the birthday girl!, the little cubby/bed/nest and especially the love that shines through. Your little ones are super lucky to have a mum like you, take care & see you soon xo

Tammie said...

happy birthday to your girl. i love the makeshift bed in a basket.

and your dad does look like alan alda! i used to have the biggest crush on him growing up.

Miss Prudence said...

Happy birthday curly girl!

I LOVED this post, not just a birthday tribute with a very clever cubby (cute)...but I love how you included a bit of history. I don't think anyone learns enough history anymore and our social history is at risk of being lost.

THanks Hester...xxxxx

Miss Prudence said...

PS Beck IS right about your Dad, 80?!!!

hester said...

Hi Beck - I love it when you drop in to say hello. I've been having trouble commenting on people's blogs lately. The visual word verification thing disappears. Very frustrating!

Tammie - I have had a crush for decades on Hawkeye/Alan Alda. It worries Scott because he thinks I have an Electra complex!

Miss Prudence - glad you enjoyed the history. Plenty more where that came from. Come up and visit us and I'll take you on a history tour!

le@thirdontheright said...

happy days dear one ... how time flies - love to you le xoxo

Katherine ( Katie) Corrigan said...

a lovely blog post. Happy belated birthday to your lovely curly girl