Friday, July 22, 2011

Belated birthday celebrations

Three days after our girl came home from hospital, she turned 5! We were so grateful to be home and be able to celebrate together. As with all good birthdays, the celebrations spread out over a week or so. (The photos are out of order sorry as I was a bit disorganised uploading them).

Some special friends organised a little private birthday party with some sand art. We all did some and I have to say, it was great therapy for Mum and Dad! Thanks for all your efforts, H. We had a lovely time!

Some pattycakes for an impromptu birthday cake and candles. (Made by Nana - thanks Nana! and iced by the girls)

Opening presents on the birthday morning.....

A long anticipated visit to Cold Rock with some special friends to celebrate our girl's birthday. Aren't they gorgeous? And look at that little baby girl taking off her party hat! Such a cutie!

After Cold Rock, the friends came back to our house so the girls could blow bubbles. We threw some rugs on the front grass and sat in the winter sunshine having tea and biccies. So good to be alive and happy and in the company of good friends.

There's probably more posts coming re adjusting to life after the hospital drama. I think it is helping me process what happened. Just as I thought life was getting back to normal this week, our girl had a temperature last night and was whimpering in her sleep. A flash back to a month ago when the ear infection which caused the clot must have been grumbling away despite the antibiotics. Back to the GP today to have a check up but can find no source of infection. Just a little temperature but I ended up crying in the GP's office for 15-20 mins while my girl was in the toyshop with my mum, reliving some of the events of the last few weeks which I thought I had dealt with. We are so lucky to have had such a good outcome so I keep reminding myself of that when we have little setbacks.

Hope all my bloggy and real life friends are well and happy. Hope to talk to you soon.


CT said...

I can only imagine how hard it must have been, how draining! sending you hugs, and lots of love to the birthday girl!

thanks for your comment!

le@thirdontheright said...

happy daze matey :) so glad it seems to be nothing this time round fever wise ...thinking of you le xox

Miss Prudence said...

Blissful, just blissful reading this post and seeing them happy and doing what they are supposed - have fun!

It will probably take some time to land and truly take on the magnitude of what has happened and then the dreaded what ifs. It is all part of the process, let it unroll as it comes - don't stifle it nor force it, I should think that this is one of those life shaping incidents.


Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

I've just come across your blog and gave to give you a virtual hug, you've been through so much lately, your daughter is incredibly brave as are you. Take care of yourself now that you know your girl is going to be fine xo

Anonymous said...

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