Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kipper comes to live with us

The puppy came to live with us today. Mr Darcy that was has been rechristened Kipper by E. I think the dogs at the dog park will laugh a little less at that than at "Twinkletoes". So far, he has been exceedingly well behaved, apart from a few nibbles at my feet and E's shoes. He is heartmeltingly cute....such an endearing little face and very very soft ears like little brown silk purses. Yes...we are all smitten...although G. likes to keep her distance and occasionally says "A bit scary a me".
Kipper has been installed in his quarters (the laundry) and taken outside regularly where he has dutifully done his business. He put himself to bed about 7.15pm in his new cardboard box bed that has his blanket from "home" in it. I hope the smells of his six siblings are comforting him a little. At 7.45pm, the five year old had crashed (she was up at 5am with excitement) and we thought "Great. This is easy. Only the two year old to go". About 8pm, Kipper had woken up, done a wee on the newspaper and was whimpering for company. Every time I leave the room, he cries. So...I've done the age old trick - a warm hot water bottle wrapped in a t shirt and a clock wrapped in another one.
He has left his cardboard box, preferring to sleep on the old kiddy sofa that we put in the laundry so E. could cuddle him in comfort. I've moved the hot water bottle to the little sofa next to him and now all is quiet.

So...I'm going to clean my teeth and hit the hay. It could be a very long night.


Le @ Third on the Right said...

I loved Mr Darcy - but we all know the five year old wins every time :)

Maybe we can come and vist the week after this one .... hugs le

Le @ Third on the Right said...

me again - go to settings - then formatting and change the time zone to the brisbane one - hugs le

Dee from Downunder said...

The only thing I hate about a new pet is the settling in phase.. otherwise, its so much fun!

hester said...

Thanks Le. I've fixed the time zone.How would I blog without you?