Sunday, October 19, 2008

News flash - we bought a puppy yesterday!

Firstly, thanks to the lovely people who sent "get well" wishes for my family. Husband and little G. are on the mend. And we get our car back with a new door on Tuesday which will be nice.

We had a very exciting morning yesterday - drove to Caboolture (a small country town just north of us) and chose a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel puppy. He is one of a litter of eight and they were all absolutely gorgeous. Ours is officially called "Mr Darcy" but our big girl has her heart set on calling him "Twinkle Toes"! I think the other dogs at the park may laugh when we call him that! Mr Darcy actually chose us which was gorgeous. He seemed to fall in love with E. straight away while the other puppies just wandered off to play. Of course, we all fell in love with him, too.

The fun begins next Saturday. Part of me is dreading the extra work, mess, responsibility etc but hopefully this will be outweighed by the fun stuff. I guess I may as well have two toddlers and get it over with!
Here are some photos. I'll try not to put the whole 58 on! (Or however many I took!)


Le @ Third on the Right said...

ohhh how lovely - and the mummy breastfeeding the wee ones - just so cute !

once he is settled we will come over to say gday - cheers le

CT said...

LOL!!! if your Mr. Darcy is a reference to Pride and Prejudice... then you are my caucasian twin sister, separated at birth! I used to have one of those dogs when I was little! only I called him Freckles. :) lovely photos! And I love it that your girl calls him Twinkle Toes!!! Twinkle Toes, if you please!!!! LOL!

CGDK said...

oh he is just the cutest!

Dee said...

Hi there, just came over via Le's blog. I have really enjoyed reading your blog so far. He's a cute puppy! great for kids.