Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Reasons to be cheerful - Part 1

1. The puppy slept in until 5.45am this morning and my husband got up to let him outside.
2. It was raining and I had a lovely cup of hot, milky, sweet tea and watched a few minutes of grown up morning television before the big girl woke up and required ABC kids.
3. I stayed at school with the big girl to do literacy groups and she was in my group doing the braille activity.
4. The little girl and I shared a Dreamy Donut with Lindt chocolate on top.
5. I had yummy left over lamb korma cooked by Scott for my lunch.
6 After lunch, the little girl and I snuggled up under the doona for a naptime feed and she felt so warm and gorgeous with the soles of her little feet against me.
7. The puppy seems quite happy to curl up in his new second hand dog box out of the rain and sleep all day.
8. I am making easy peasy gluten free dessert for tonight - black cherry and apricot crumble!


Tammie said...

nice to have you back. :)

dont you love it when the puppy sleeps in? my dogs are barking every morning before the sun is up. very irritating.

and now i have to ask a dumb american question: whats a doona? i suppose i could just Google, i'll wait for your answer.

Dee from Downunder said...

Sounds like all is well at the hester house :)

the apple crumbles sounds nice!

le @ thirdontheright said...

ya you are back .... I was thinking up ways on how to move this blog so you could come back and here you are back .... ya ya ya ... now best go read the post - hugs le xoxoxo

CT said...

Hey! welcome back!
I loved such a breezy, cheerie post!
:D kisses to your girls

(oh and I agree... the feeling of a warm, soft baby cuddled against you is one of the BEST things in the world!! Glad both my girls are still fond of cuddling with their momma!)

hester said...

Wow! I didn't even tell anyone I did a little blog and you guys found me anyway!

Hey Tammie - so glad I'm not the only one asking cross-cultural questions. Some Australians call a duvet "a doona" which I think may be a Scandinavian word. I hope life is settling down at Chez Tammie after your upheaval.

Hi Dee - yep....nothing like a warm crumble with fresh cream for dessert on a rainy night! (Especially when you cheat and use fruit from a tin.)

Lovely Le - thanks for finding me. Hope you are resting up bigtime today.

CT - my first overseas bloggy friend and secret twin! Thanks for your lovely comment.