Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hester's garden pre-puppy

Me again. I was just browsing through photos of E's birthday in 2007 and found this one of her discovering a fairy in our front garden. I had forgotten that I had so many flowers before we acquired a puppy who a) dug in the flower beds and b) sucked up my last remaining spare energy. This blog was sort of supposed to be about what was happening in my garden but there ain't much happening in it lately. So here's a peek at how it looked ages ago before I started blogging.
At the moment, the pumpkin vine has completely taken over the vege patch and I am not allowed to pull the untidy thing out. So our energies are going towards pulling out the weeds at the back of the yard, putting down layers of newspapers to hold the weeds at bay until we get a spare moment and then transplanting squares of lawn from elsewhere in the yard. I then have to water the new patches of grass on our allocated watering days and pull out all the new weeds until the grass grows enough to look sort of like more lawn. A very slow process but we are getting there.
I was going to go to bed early, but my husband has taken himself off to see that Clint Eastwood movie (can't think what it is called) at 9.30pm. Very unusual for him to do something for himself. He got promoted a few weeks ago so I think he felt he earned a reward. G has already woken up twice and gone back to sleep and I am enjoying having the house (and the computer) to myself. Having made apricot and black cherry crumble again for dessert, I figure I deserve to leave the pots and pans for someone else to do. Probably me, in the morning! Goodnight!!!

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