Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The good, the bad and the ugly

I have decided to do further updates on the state of our neglected garden in the hope that it may inspire me to do some more improvements. Hopefully, I will have some prettier photos to show you in a few months.
First the good - my hydrangea bushes are practically the only pretty flowers I have left in my garden and I can't take any credit for them as they came with the house. As soon as they bloom I pick them for the house or to give to people as they are so pretty.
Also shown is the latest patch of dirt reclaimed from masses of weeds which has been transplanted with patches of lawn. Let's hope they join up soon!
The bad......that would be Kipper. The world's most needy, annoying, jumpy 7 month old dog! Good thing he is a handsome boy or we would sell him on the street corner. Here he is posing with the eggplants and pumpkin vines which have taken over our vege patch. There's some lovely basil under there somewhere.

Now for the ugly. I could have taken any number of ugly photos of our garden but here is the one that takes the cake. Layers of old newspaper held down with old bricks to keep the weeds at bay. It was either that or keep pulling them out every couple of weeks when they turned into a jungle. It's a good look, hey?

I don't know how the rest of you get your photos so tidy. I have played and played with the photos and the text in edit mode and can't get them to behave.


Tammie said...

my garden is pretty ugly right now too. i actually just mowed over the last of my old newspapers. i have a few tomato plants growing nicely but not much else.

when you upload your photo to blogger you can choose whether you want them left, right, or center...if you choose center then the picture will be neatly centered automatically and you don't have to waste time playing around with it---just type above and below it.

i've tried to put photos on the left and right and neatly get the text wrapped around it...but it never seems to do what i want, so i go back to centering. :)

CT said...

Ouch, even so, your garden looks so much better than mine! one day I'll be brave and subject you poor unsuspecting people to photos of my garden. :D

hester said...

Oh it's so good to know I'm not alone in the ugly garden stakes! Tammie - did your grass grow over the top of the newspapers? Or did you mow over them to rip them up for compost?

Come on CT. Show us the photos!

Tammie said...

we just mowed over them to add them to the compost. i had originally put them down at the beginning of winter and had hoped they'd decompose by spring, but i was a little lazy and didnt keep them wet.

le @ thirdontheright said...

wow and where did you find the energy for that - great work dear one le xox