Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Indulging myself by posting more photos of children

Dear Bloggy friends,

I haven't had much time lately for blogging or downloading photos from the camera but have just managed to get organised and so am inflicting my favourite latest photos on you. Sorry!

This photo of G and Kipper blowing bubbles cracks me up. He tried to catch every bubble she blew until I was worried that he would be sick from eating too much. ( I say this because once, while babysitting a friend's toddler, he sucked some bubble mixture up a bubble pipe and I felt compelled (as a registered nurse) to ring the Poisons Info line for advice. While I was on the phone, the toddler vomited it all up and survived to tell the tale, but I was psychologically scarred for life. The gorgeous boy's mum then died suddenly when he was about 7, but that's a whole other story and too sad to get into).

Photo of G wearing her beloved "heart heart" shirt and E's swimming cap, which for some reason she loves. (This photo belongs to a bit further down the page but didn't want to move down there).

Above is E. in the rain on Easter Sunday morning - quite early as you can see from the lack of sunshine. I would have thought that as it was raining, the Easter Bunny would have hidden the eggs for the customary hunt inside the house...but no....
Below is the little girl, also with an easter bucket, but, sadly, sans umbrella. I'm sure that one day both my children will die of pneumonia from being allowed (by their marshmallow father) to play in the rain without umbrellas. G. is wearing gumboots though so that's ok then, isn't it?
Next we have the girls wearing their easter bonnets. I know, they don't really look like bonnets at all, but E needed a hat for the school Easter parade and I thought a cone shaped hat would be the easiest type to make. I thought it would be cheaper than buying a hat to decorate but then I spent around $17 at the Hypermarket buying tissue paper, cardboard, lace, ribbons, etc. When finished the hats also had a swathe of white tulle hanging from the pointy bits making them look more princessy than Eastery but that was ok. I had to miss the Easter Parade this year which broke my heart a little bit. Last year, I was still on maternity leave and watched my little Prep girl marching with her class in the parade (in bunny ears, I think). Little G. ran up to her big sister and joined the parade and I was so touched by the whole thing that I got all teary. I was also really touched that the school made a big deal of donating lots of easter eggs etc to the Salvation Army to take to shelters/hospitals and a Salvation Army lady was at the school parade to accept them all. I love that E is at a school with lots of community spirit.

Here are the girls with umbrellas again. It's been SO wet here lately. (It's been raining on Le's blog too, I notice). We went to my sister's for a cuppa a week or two ago to celebrate my Dad's birthday. It was gorgeous sitting on her front deck, with the children playing (in and out of the rain), just chatting and relaxing, as families do. I finally managed to get G into this pretty dress that a friend sent her for Christmas from Malaysia. She usually wants only to wear her "heart heart shirt" and "orange pants" which are disgustingly old, faded and stained and make her look like a complete ragamuffin. I've just added a photos of said shirt but it has appeared at the top of the post and doesn't want to be relocated down here.

That's it for now except to say thank you, to Tammie, for the tip about centre-ing the photos to make them a bit more well behaved. It's working....most of the time.

PS We did have some discussions about the true meaning of Easter at our house. I wouldn't call myself a Christian but I sort of feel that the Judaeo-Christian (?spelling) mythology and literature is part of our background so we do talk about the bible sometimes and that Jesus was a good guy. Anyway...E must have had an RE lesson about Easter at school because she informed me that Jesus died at Easter but then came back to life "in a big fridge". Maybe they thought tomb was too scary a word!


Tammie said...

ha ha...a big fridge? wow.

my daughter has clothes items she wants to wear exclusively as well. dirty, hole filled clothes items. sometimes im sure people think we are homeless.

CT said...

LOL@" a big fridge"
My daughter has lately developed a surreal attachment to... ehem.. her school uniform. I swear it is the strangest thing ever... she puts it on top of other clothes, she wants to wear it everywhere BUT

Guess where

yes. Everywhere BUT school. Jeez!

hester said...

Tammie - I'm glad we are not alone in the ragamuffin stakes! I do hope your girl is wearing all those skirts you make her, though.

CT - your girl must really be loving school!

le @ thirdontheright said...

love seeing all your pics hon - very nice le xoxo