Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just day to day stuff

Nothing earth shattering to write - just the minutiae (spelling?) of day to day life. I thought I would share this little playdough girl that E. made the other day. I forget sometimes that you don't really ever grow out of playdough. I still quite like playing with it myself. This was extra nice playdough that we made with glitter in it, so I felt like a very superior class of mother for about a whole hour!

I couldn't find the little girl one day this week and finally located her (when a little voice said "I'm here, Mummy") lying inside the knot in the couch cover that I use to try and keep our couch free from vegemite, toothpaste and other child related stains. She somehow squeezed her naked self (and "Baby"- the one in the orange dress) into the folds created by the knot so that she was sort of cradled a few inches above the hard wooden floor. She's a strange child sometimes! Now it is one of her favourite spots to go and hang out. Probably reminds her of all the hours she spent in a sling as a baby while I walked around the block trying to get her to sleep.

Here is the big girl modelling her new Seed hoodie dress and VERY long socks that I bought her on ebay. She insisted on taking one ponytail out for the photo shoot as she likes to have her hair in all sorts of weird styles. I wanted to send a photo of her in the dress to the nice woman on Ebay who sold it to me, but of course, I can't be bothered now, so I'm posting it here instead. I think it was about 30 degrees celsius when it arrived in the mail as autumn has not properly arrived yet. I had to talk her out of wearing it to a party as she would have melted.
You can see a glimpse of our little 1950s house in this photo. It came with a lovely daggy old wall unit that the last owners said we could keep. Now, I couldn't live without it as it holds our CD collection, all my vases in the bottom cupboards, the telephone books (that we don't need now that the internet is here), my stationery box with staplers, scissors, stamps etc, a little square basket for each member of the family to throw itty bitty things in (like keys, gift vouchers, head lice combs - that sort of thing), the boxes of ribbons and wrapping paper, drawers full of batteries/screwdrivers/a torch etc - yep....you get the idea. I can stop now I think. Oh yes...the rolls of Christmas paper live right up the top where I can't reach them unless I get a chair. My whole life would grind to a halt if I didn't have this wall unit.

I think my blog is turning into a stream of consciousness therapy session. It's very therapeutic to just spew out my thoughts without having to organise them, arrange topic sentences, check facts, ensure flow, and keep to a word limit (which is what I need to do when writing history stuff at work). Therapeutic for me...perhaps a little bit too much information for you guys!
Big news here is that my brother is getting married soon in East Timor so I am gearing up to hop on a plane and visit a foreign country for the first time in many years. Yep..I'd really better get my passport organised or I won't be going anywhere. I have yet to meet the girl he is marrying so it's all very very exciting. (If you read this, Big Brother, don't be cross. I don't think I've given away too many family secrets). We don't want to take the children to East Timor so they will stay home with the Daddy and I will enjoy a little adventure with my "old" family. I think the girls will be fine without me as they are totally besotted with their father. I am trying to stretch the two nights into three as otherwise, I will blink and miss the whole thing.
Time for bed. I have to go the dentist tomorrow for a filling. Even though this will be unpleasant and involve a very long needle, I am looking forward to it in some weird way as a little bit of "me" time. That indicates just how much I need a "proper" holiday without having to breastfeed anyone at 1am or walk up and down the beach with them in a sling to get them to have a nap.


Tammie said...

you are definitely a superior class of mother---our play dough is old and crusty and now all one color---BROWN!

i do hope you take pictures when you're in east timor. i know nothing of that place and would love to see photos. what an exciting place to get married in.

hester said...

Thanks Tammie. I'll definitely be packing the camera, that's for sure. Dili is still rebuilding after being razed by the Indonesians when they occupied it, but it sounds as though the people are wonderful.

CT said...

WOW! you are something, Hester! I love the photo of the little girl in her nook!

If it is therapeutic for you, for me it is a joy to read your posts. The easy, flowing train of your thoughts makes me feel we are having a girl chat at some café table... bring it on, girl!

hester said...

CT - you are a darling. I wish we could all catch up in a cafe. It's the only drawback of blogging. All these new friends who are so far away. Are you sure you can't all pop over to East Timor for my brother's wedding. (I'm sure he wouldn't mind!)