Monday, April 13, 2009

A date with the Daddy

It's a rainy old day in Brisbane today but I had a date with my husband to go to the movies. Such a treat and something we only manage to do once every couple of months. We have a lovely 17 year old babysitter whom our children love and it's a great feeling to drive off seeing their happy excited little faces at having Olivia come over and "play" with them.

We wanted to see Kate Winslet in The Reader but it has nearly finished its run so we had to trek into the city to see it. It was great but fairly sombre so we left feeling a wee bit serious. Then it was time for a browse in the lovely city shops in Queens Plaza and I tried on a little winter black dress and some boots but did not buy them. Of course, we came home with something for the girls rather than us - some beautiful new PJs from Peter Alexander. G normally wears E's handmedowns so this time she got a new pair of her own.

We were on our way to Paddington for a snack and a browse in the bookshops when the babysitter rang to say G was sick! C'est la vie! Home we went. She's ok but we couldn't quite enjoy ourselves knowing she had an upset little tummy.

Time to run a warm bath for a little one. See you all soon.


Tammie said...

isnt that the way it always works? you go out for a "date" and come home with gifts for the children?? i do the same thing.

i hope your little one feels better soon.

CT said...

Lol! I know how it is! It's an oddity when DH and I do not come back with stuff for the girls. I hadn't noticed until one day, for Mother's day Dad gave me $300 (yes, my dad gave ME a Mother's day present... how cool is that?) and he added the warning "TO SPEND ON YOURSELF. DON'T BUY THINGS FOR THE GIRLS"

CGDK said...

nice to hear you got some couple time -including some browsing -even tho you only bought for the girls... indicative of motherhood I think. The new pics for the girls are lovely too.