Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sick cherub

I have a sick wee cherub. She has one of those truly vile vomiting viruses which I have just realised she probably picked up at the indoor bouncy castle play place at "Chermie", our local shopping centre. Playing and eating hot chippies on Saturday - vomiting and miserable Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. And Sunday morning, she was happy as a lark doing tricks with her Daddy in the early morning sunshine in her pajamas.

Monday morning at 9.30am, the girl who only goes to sleep being cuddled or breastfed, lay on her bed with her beloved "baby" and crashed. She slept for two hours and did the same thing this morning - slept from 8am to 10.30am. She is now keeping down crackers and Powerade and hopefully has turned the corner. Yes...Le...this family sho' is run down!

On the upside, I have spent three days doing little else but being with my girl and trying to make her feel better, while still trying to give the big girl enough attention. Thank goodness for Dora computer games on the internet ! I always think when they are sick and I drop everything to hold them for hours that I should do this when they are well. Forget the housework, the shopping, blogging, the phonecalls and just BE with them. I'm always so busy and selfish, trying to make life better organised and more enjoyable. I lay on the floor yesterday and read the wee girl books for ages - something I would not normally do on a Monday morning but it was lovely.

Anyway.... time to go and collect the big girl from school who, luckily, has so far escaped the bastard virus.

Note to self - buy antiseptic wipes to take to indoor bouncy castle at shopping centre.


Tammie said...

ick...i hope the sickness doesn't invade the entire house.

and you're right, the upside of a sickness is that you're forced to slow down and enjoy quiet time and snuggles a bit more.

Dee from Downunder said...

oh, the poor little thing,speedy recovery for her. I hate it when the girls get sick, its so hard on them!

CGDK said...

poor babe - both you and the little one. We had upchucks here today too... there I was telling him he WAS going to school with a sore tummy as I was going to be busy then hurrrrl, yep he did the only thing that could stop me getting him to school. He seems a bit better this arv so hopefully it won't last as long as your episode. ((hug))

CT said...

Oh poor little one!!!!! I'm glad she is better now, and I totally agree with you on thinking about spending more time with the girls...
It seems to be the season for those nasty viruses, my own little lady was the same... she was drowsy and not eating and wanted to be held all the time and... well, you know. She's ok now, she fought her sister for a pasta plate so that means she is feeling WAY better now!

le @ thirdontheright said...

she looks so vulnerable ... take care le xoxo