Monday, September 7, 2009

garden photos

For the flower lovers among you, here is an update of what's happening in our garden.

Excitingly, we have our first freesias. This is the official arbinger of spring, according to my green thumbed mother who knows these things.

Snapdragons and pansies are doing well. Can't wait for some nasturtium flowers to fill in the gaps though.

I'm not a huge fan of our native bottlebrush tree as it is huge and the car gets bird poo on it when I park on the driveway, but it has just burst into flower and does look quite spectacular at the moment, so here it is. personal favourites....the hanging baskets are coming along. They looked so fresh after the rain that poured down on the weekend. Then the sun came out and everything looked clean and sparkly.


Tammie said...

these are lovely. i love the hanging baskets. are they hard to maintain??

CT said...

OH! I am SOOO in love with freesias! it is my favorite fragrance! I used to buy Crabtree & Evelyn freesia parfum in every single presentation possible! Eau de parfum, scented paper (to line your drawers with) portable perfume, scented ambiance oil...

I love how your garden looks! you certainly have a green thumb!

hester said...

Hello faithful bloggy friends!

Tammie - the hanging baskets just need some water most days as they dry out more quickly than pots, but other than that you don't have to do anything. I should put some fertiliser in but haven't got the money for extra stuff like that. Also, the petunias start to go straggly after a couple of months so I might pull them out and put new ones in soon.

CT - Isn't Crabtree and Evelyn stuff gorgeous? I used to love their vanilla bath gel, and their packaging is so gorgeous, I sometimes treat myself to a room frangrance thingy just to make our toilet look pretty.

le @ thirdontheright said...

arbinger - my new fav word :) le xox