Sunday, September 20, 2009

Things making me happy

Just some random stuff that is making me happy. I seem to have lost my momentum with my blog but I guess it's just there for when I'm in the doesn't have to be something on my "to do" list. Sometimes, I just wait for inspiration to strike. As it did just now when E cried out "Look, Mummy...our first baby nasturtium!!". it is. A simple, small thing I know, but it really makes me happy. All my lovely colourful petunias have gone scraggy and dead looking so after consultation with my green thumbed mother, I have hoiked most of them out. I will start again with some new baby plants. Also, my pansies are not coping with the warmer weather and I don't have time to water them EVERY morning so I might go with something more hardy like geraniums that I can neglect but still get pretty flowers from.

Recently, I have slackened off from my efforts to let the children have less time watching kids' TV/dvds and playing the computer (mostly my big girl, not the little one). But I resumed my guerilla warfare this week. My family doesn't respond well to "rules" and the Daddy is too soft to help me enforce them so I gently said one school morning that we were going to do "other fun stuff" rather than watch TV before school. (E usually gets up at 6am or earlier so is usually allowed to watch TV quietly before having breakfast and getting dressed). I put out scissors, glue, paper and magazines the night before and in the morning, told the girls we were going to cut out pictures of stuff that we would like in our life and stick them on paper to make a sort of life wish collage. That only occupied them for a little while. (Making the rainbow out of magazine pictures was much more successful. Don't know how to link to that post, though). Anyway....I also bought a packet of little coloured matchsticks and let the girls loose with them. E made pictures and G did a multi media installation!
So it made me happy to see them absorbed in creating rather than interacting with a screen.

Lastly, I don't watch that much "grown up" TV or get many DVDs out because by the time the girls are asleep, I'm just about ready for bed and can't manage to watch an hour or more of something. Scott is a night owl and had tried to get me to watch "Californication" but I thought it looked too sleazy. I gave it another try one night and, again, thought the first episode was a bit gross. All that sex with strange women put me off no end. But...I persisted and soon realised there is a lot more to the show than just the graphic sex scenes. It's funny and has it's deep moments and David Duchovny's character grew insidiously on me until I developed a bit of a crush. Yes...he's an irresponsible sex addict but he "loves the shit out of his daughter" and has a good heart and he makes me laugh. So now we have wizzed through the first season. I can manage a half hour of TV before bed without too many eyedrops and often say "Let's watch another episode!". Yep....I'm a real party girl.
After work this week, I had a rare chance to browse in the city shops as Scott was at home on duty with the girls. I decided to treat us to the next season of Hank and get a new dvd each for the girls. "Milly Molly" for E and a Hi Five dvd G has been wanting forever. It was nice to come home with a present for everyone. The budget doesn't run to presents much but it's good to lash out occasionally. So...if you want to snuggle up with someone and have a good laugh....give Hank a try. (By that I mean snuggle up with someone and watch Hank together. But I could definitely snuggle with Hank!)


Tammie said...

oooh ive been wanting to add californication to my dvd rental list. glad to hear its good.
lately the hubby and i have been watching Weeds on dvd, which i highly recommend. each episode is only a half hour long, so, much like californication, i dont feel like i have to commit to too much. although the other night jay and i stayed up and watched all 5 episodes on the disk and i was exhausted the next day. thats what i get for staying up late and "partying."

those colored matchsticks are really neat. what a good idea.

CT said...

I'd never seen Californication! we have been saving on dvd rentals and instead swapping movies with my brothers and parents... we all have different tastes in movies, so it is like a family dvd rent club... I have the musicals and romance, dad has classics and "lawyer" stuff, lil' bro has comedy and my other bro has thrillers and comic based ones, plus classics like The Godfather and some others like Star wars (first trilogy)and so... we could watch movies for a year without repeating!

hester said...

Tammie - Yeah - us mothers of young children really live the high life.

CT - that's very innovative. I don't think my mum would cope with a naked David Duchovny though.

kraftykash said...

We dont have cable, and with the amount of homework my son is bringing home this yr...I may NEVER see TV again. haha
I like the idea of crating in the mornings. I got into the habit of letting my girl play the Wii if she is totally ready to go. Hmm I might set out crafts tomorrow.

le @ whoopwhoop said...

hee hee I know what you mean - a good man is hard to find or is it ... umm hugs le xoxo