Monday, May 31, 2010

Kippy Boy

Just found this photo of Kipper (snuggling up to my little girl) on the old camera and couldn't resist sharing it. Scott put him up on an old chair in the study. Kipper's not normally allowed on chairs so he thought he was in seventh heaven. I have just taken the covers off the chair and washed them as they were covered in white cavalier hair. I'm hoping the covers don't fall apart in the machine as they are pretty old. I knew there was a reason Kipper is an outside dog.


CT said...

gosh!!!! Kipper's eyes are SO big!
LOL! well, if the covers disintegrate, it's time to take out the sewing machine and whip up some new ones in cute fabrics! (well, that's me looking for an excuse to buy cute fabric! LOL!)

hester said...

Good idea, CT. I have googled "easy armchair covers" already as I have another big chair that is pretty shabby but even the easy versions are beyond my capabilities. You'll definitely have to pop over and help me, ;)

Tammie said...

he is such a cutie.

ive thought about making slipcovers for my couch too. my covers cant be washed so i have to have them cleaned professionally, which is a drag. and money i dont want to spend.

Lia said...

That dog is adorable! So is your little girl!