Sunday, May 30, 2010

trying out the new camera

One of the reasons I haven't blogged much lately is that my trusty old camera was tending towards the blurry side and I couldn't get nice clear photos. Then it came good and I took it out with me for a lunch with my old nursing buddies (not that we are THAT old). Then a few days later, I couldn't find it and starting ringing the restaurant and hunting around but it didn't turn up.I thought I had lost it for good so Scott and I decided to buy a new camera that would also take decent videos. Then the old one turned up but we bought a new one anyway as we were going for a weekend in the country as part of the Farm Day scheme that runs once a year across the nation. Then my big girl came down with vomiting and a fever so we had to cancel our exciting weekend plans amidst quite a few tears from the sick girl. So ANYWAY.....last night, we tried out the new camera at home. No photos of the big girl though as she was too sick to face a camera.

I'm quite happy with the new camera. It has a touch screen which has assuaged my desire for an ipad. The photos are nice and clear but the colours are quite intense. Makes things look a bit surreal.

I like this photo of my little girl as it captures the little details of her lovely face - the lone freckle on her nose, the last vestiges of her chubby baby cheeks and the dimple in her chin that she inherited from her Dad.
PS Em is now on the mend and playing the Wii.


CT said...

Oh poor baby! glad to know she's feeling better now! And good thing you found your camera, even if you have the new one. it's always good to have a backup! my backup is a manual Vivitar back from when there were no digital memories! but I love taking photos with it!

I love the little speck of gold in her nose!!!!!!! I really like freckles. Then again I may be biased, since I'm freckled. None of my girls are, and I really wanted to have a little freckled girlie!

Hugs! how's your garden going?

Tammie said...

congrats on the new camera!

i got one before leaving florida and i love it. my old one was being very disobedient. i tried to make it last as long as possible but it finally died.