Friday, May 7, 2010

"Our " creative space

Oops! I just popped over to Beck's Dandelion blog and realised I missed "My Creative Space" yesterday after only joining in for the first time last week.

Usually, my girls love being involved when I sew something and particularly like playing with the fabric and pushing the sewing machine pedal thingy. But I thought my big girl was big enough now to actually try and sew something herself. One morning when she woke up early (as usual!) I suggested sewing instead of computer/tv and she was very keen. So she chose some strips of fabric and sewed some straight seams and made her first patchwork square ( will be square when I trim it). It was a beautiful sight seeing her concentrating at my machine in the morning sunlight. She wants to make some more squares and then sew them together to make a pillow case (not that I know how to make a pillow case but I'm sure I'll find a tutorial).
Here she is with her first sewing and her beautiful gappy smile.

Love you, Poss Poss xxxxxxx


beck said...

Gorgeous post honey!! Love that your girl is sewing in the sunlight, what an adorable image. And boy does she remind me of my Sunday in that last photo! Same expression and same missing teeth! so cute xo

le @ whoopwhoop said...

wonderful work and so rewarding to see the love passed on :) le xox

Miss Prudence said...

how wonderful - and you have documented this very memorable moment!


CT said...

I ADORED this post!!!! I can't wait till my girls are big enough to join me really in crafting!
give them both a big hug from me!

Tammie said...

i cant wait until lucy is a bit older and i can have an assistant too. i do occasionally let her thread the bobbin, but thats it.