Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Australia Day picnic

On Australia Day the four of us set out to get a fix of Mother Nature - the closest thing I have to a religion these days. I have such great childhood memories of jumping around on rocks and playing in waterfalls. I really want my two girls to experience it as well. So...we've discovered a little place not far out of town where we can enjoy a creek and lots of big lovely trees. We packed a picnic morning tea and had a lovely time.

I'm not big on nationalism - it leads to too many wars in my view. I prefer to be a citizen of the world. But I do love Australia - especially for its relative freedom from war and violence and oppressive government. So...Happy Australia Day everyone!

PS My hair doesn't usually look this daggy. It was a bad hair day!


Tammie said...

you and i have so much in common hester.
*im not big on nationalism either. i don't like anything that excludes others without reason, and nationalism does that.
*mother nature is the closest thing i have to a religion these days as well. (in my opinion, religion also leads to too many wars and excludes others without reason.)

ok, i'll quit talking about religion and war now. :)

won't you be glad when you don't have to explain bruises anymore? i always feel i have to explain every bruise/gash/scrape.

also, your family is adorable.

hester said...

Thanks Tammie. Good to have another kindred spirit in this poor old world. At least things are looking up politically in the US (apart from the economy that is!)