Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kippy update

For the dog lovers among you, here is an update on Kipper. He is not quite the cute tiny puppy he was - he is now an energetic and sometimes very annoying teenager! He has learnt to sit, lie down and stay really well, but CANNOT get the hang of walking sensibly on a lead no matter how many treats I give him when I say "heel" and he manages to walk three paces before jumping up and trying to grab the treat or chewing the lead. I was really looking forward to the whole dog walking thing. I guess it's back to puppy training for us.
As you can see, he is in danger of being loved to death by my little girl. Please don't anybody report us to the RSPCA for subjecting him to this sort of treatment. He is luckily, quite placid, but has taken to jumping all over G. when she is walking around the yard so I guess that is his revenge for all the headlocks and other wrestling positions. When I was taking these photos, G. was saying "Smile, mate....smile mate".
These photos were taken in December before Kipper managed to destroy the little garden in the background. He has dug in it, slept in it and generally ruined most of my nasturtiums and lobelia. Luckily, the good old sun jewels just keep on keeping on.


Le @ third on the right said...

ohhh how lovely :) G seems to be getting so much joy and milage out of K - delighful :) hugs le xoxo

Tammie said...

what a gorgeous dog. i have a theory that puppies were made so darn cute so that we could easily overlook all that they destroy. (like your garden.)

Dee from Downunder said...

"Smile mate" - thats funny. They are all looking cute.