Saturday, January 3, 2009

Time with the Big Girl

I had a few precious hours today one on one with my big girl while the little girl had a huge nap and the Daddy put his feet up with the weekend newspapers. E. gets a few dollars pocket money every Friday which she never spends so we set off for the big scrapbooking shop a few suburbs away and she splurged on five pieces of sparkly adhesive paper that she loves. Then we went to the local shopping centre to spend the leftover pocket money on a toy in Myers. is so easy with just one 6 year old and no toddler! Especially the part when I left her at the childminding place (it's her favourite thing - she begs me to leave her there, I kid you not!) to get her face painted while I went and browsed in a bookshop for 20 minutes. We got to hold hands while we walked around (as there was no stroller to push or small child to carry), she got some chips from McDonalds ("I have middle sized now, Mummy" she said when I ordered the small size) and generally had a great time chatting about life. It was just lovely as at home I seem to spend so much time asking her to share with her little sister, put her empty cup in the kitchen, turn down the TV etc etc etc.

After we got home, the little sister woke up and went to the shops with the Daddy, so E. and I did our respective scrapbooking projects and a good time was had by all. $20 worth of sticky, sparkly paper was used up in about 5 minutes but it was worth every cent.


Tammie said...

its nice that you were able to do this.

my son is 10 and my girl is 4 and sometimes i feel like my son gets no attention throughout the daughter commands so much of me that at the end of the day there is not much left. i try to sneak in bits of time for him during the day, but its difficult. i really have to make a conscious effort to do so.

i feel good when im able to do something with him one on one.

Dee from Downunder said...

Sounds like a great day! I know my older girl is desperate for some alone time,she gets excited just walking through the supermarket with me by herself.

I feel so bad sometimes when I can't spend time with her on her own.

hester said...

It's nice to know we're all the same boat. Hey Tammie - when your children are 10 and 4, do you get more sleep than when they are 2 and 6?

Tammie said...

eh....i am the wrong person to ask. my kids sleeping habits stink.

my four year old requires no sleep at all. she never naps and shes up by 6 every morning, sometimes earlier. the other day she got up at 3:20...wide awake and running around the house!
i wanted to cry.

i'll tell you when/if it gets any better.

Le @ third on the right said...

a wonderful few hours ... I love the one on one time :) le xoxxo