Tuesday, June 30, 2009

autumn in Brisbane

I know autumn isn't a big deal in the northern hemisphere, or even down in Melbourne and Canberra where the weather is colder but in tropical Brisbane we have very few "proper" autumn trees that change colour and lose their leaves. So I really look forward to seeing the odd tree blazing with colour. The back entrance to E's school has a lovely avenue of deciduous trees so we've been really enjoying the colours, especially against the bright blue sky.

Today is the second day of the two week school holidays for June/July. It's just lovely not to have to get up and think about school lunches and ironing uniforms and jumping in the car to drive to school. G has a cold so we are having a nice, lazy time just hanging out at home and pottering around. E has a friend here to play today so I have three little girls munching their lunch while I grab five minutes to blog.


Tammie said...

i love autumn. our autumn doesnt begin until september and im anxiously awaiting it.

love your new header. :)

le @ thirdontheright said...

love the pics matey - just divine - shame we can't get up to toowoomba ... oh well another autumn - hugs le

CT said...

oh but all those photos are lovely!!! here in my hometown, the passing of the seasons is marked by the temperature and the ashes of the sugar cane fields burning in winter and then again in spring... we don't have those wonderful colors. The hills are either emerald green or gray.