Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My work world

I spend so much time on this blog blathering about my day to day life mothering at home, that I thought I'd take my camera to work and take some pictures of my work life in the city. I love setting off two days a week on the train for the city. I like the walk to the train...I like reading on the train.....I like eating whatever I like from the city shops for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.....and I like being paid to research and write history. So it's all good. So as long as the girls are happy where they are, I am happy to toddle off to the coalmine, so to speak. So....here's some photos.

Here is the public square outside my building. The coloured boxes are part of the same building and house the library etc. There are often interesting things going on here (more interesting than a skateboarder, that is) like demonstrations, marches, entertainment from various cultures etc.

This is my favourite sculpture in the city. It's in Anzac Square which was constructed after World War I to commemorate those who died in the war. Sadly, the number of memorials has grown to include the Second World War, Vietnam War etc. The above sculpture honours the work done by Australian Army Nurses - a topic close to my heart as it was the subject of my history thesis.

The view through the window of my favourite florist shop always brightens my day.

One of the heritage listed buildings in Queen Street - the main street of the city - now closed to traffic which is great. I wish they would exclude cars from the entire inner city and make people walk, cycle or catch trains and buses.

The view from our office - overlooking the square you saw earlier. The building with the arches was the government Treasury Building built in the 1880s. It was converted to a casino a decade or two ago, causing considerable grief to many of the people who work in the heritage field here.

I took this photo while walking across the Brisbane River to do some research at the State Library. The green trees and ferris wheel are part of South Bank, a great public parkland with an artificial beach where you can swim. Sounds tacky but it's actually a lovely place to hang out, especially with kids. There's also lagoons/streams with boulders etc where kids can swim and paddle and lots of playgrounds and expensive cafes. It was the site of World Expo in 1988 and was later redeveloped as "the people's place". It is next door to the Performing Arts Centre and also has the Conservatorium of Music in the grounds. All very cultural.....

This is my squeaky new work building again with a glimpse of the funky art outside - made from colanders, I believe.

Well.....that's it. A brief tour of my working day. Today, however, is a home day and it's after 7.30pm and a six year old girl is waiting for Mummy to come and lie with her in bed for a cuddle.
See you soon.



Tammie said...

i love all these pictures.

the view from your building is amaizing,

CT said...

Oh Hester! thank you for the photos! It was great getting to know the place you spend your hours in! :D thanks for the tour!!!

le @ thirdontheright said...

hello lovey ... been so long since I have been in the city ... maybe I should come in one thursday and have morning tea with you ...

maybe we can make this tuesday happen - I'll email you - hugs le