Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fabric giveaway at Krafty Kash

OK. With perfect timing for me (as I am about to embark on my sewing career and am currently obsessed with looking at quilting books and sites and the "lazy days" easy girl's skirt on Tammie's blog), I hear that one of Tammie's mates, Krafty Kash, is giving away some lovely material to celebrate her 100th blog. It looks perfect for making a little quilt so I have my fingers crossed. Now all I need is my sister's sewing machine and I'm almost ready to go.

Here's the link to Krafty Kash if you want to check it out.


beck said...

Great to hear you are embarking on a sewing adventure(s). Hope you win that lovely stash and make something wonderful xo

CT said...

Hey! glad to hear you are taking up sewing!!!!!