Friday, August 28, 2009

First sewing project

Hello fellow bloggers - I have now joined the ranks of bloggers who sew. Very exciting! E was my co-creator and decided what colours went where. I'm not a big orange fan but there was quite a bit of it in the stash my big sis kindly donated to me with her old machine (that I traded in as it was past it). There was also a bunch of brightly coloured squares already cut so I decided to practice on them rather than risk ruining any pretty material that I had spent precious pocket money on. After all, it was the first time I threaded up the machine and wound the bobbin. E did the pedal work and did a great job following instructions of "stop", "go" and "a little bit more". Thankfully, G was out of the house at the time or the whole thing would have been a complete shemozzle. As it was, I forgot to put the cover on my new rotary cutter and brushed my hand against it. Nothing a quick bandaid couldn't fix though.
Now we just have to master adding the quilt back, batting or whatever it's called and sewing the binding on. In case you haven't guessed - it's a dolly quilt. I'm saving up to buy some gorgeous material for a mummy quilt. Many thanks to the lovely Claudia at Quilt Essentials for lending me a cutting mat and giving me lots of handy hints while I wait to do the next quilting course.
CT - I am going to do that tagging thing when I get some time. As you can see...I've been busy... plus working from home so my right arm has almost fallen off. It's a bit different to working in the office where I get up every so often and walk to the photocopier or have a chat to a colleague.


Tammie said...

you did a great job!!!! isn't it a good feeling??

(ive found that as far as sewing goes, threading the machine and winding the bobbin are the hardest parts. it seems like once i mastered those, everything seemed easier. i think it was weeks before i stopped putting my bobbin in backwards.)

CT said...

Hester, it looks wonderful!!!!! what a wonderful first quilt!!!

I can't wait to see what you do next!!!

hester said...

Thanks girls. It's so lovely to have your encouragement. That's what got me this far. And, yep, Tammie. It felt really really good! It's getting the bobbin thread up with the needle and out the back and not tangled that I find tricky but I'm sure with practice, I'll get it. The actual sewing straight lines part was heaps easier than I thought it would be.