Monday, August 31, 2009

Finally doing the tag thing

OK. I have a spare 10 minutes while G watches Playschool so here's my random facts about myself courtesy of being tagged by CT: First....the rules of the game.

1. link to the person who tagged you
2. post the rules on your blog
3. post the six random things about you
4. tag six people at the end of the post and link to them
5. let each person know that they've been tagged

Part of the reason I have not managed to do this yet is I'm having trouble finding 5 random things about myself that are vaguely interesting but that I haven't already blabbed about on my blog. But here goes:

1. My favourite thing to cook is pavlova. I love the magical way that egg white and sugar turns into a big glossy bowlful of yummy meringue mixture. Makes me think maybe there is a god and that she has a sweet tooth.

2. I used to be a nurse. I stopped because it was bad for my health.

3. I'm Australian born and bred (well Dad was English but born in India) but my spiritual home is the west country of England - down in Dorset where my Nana grew up and the beautiful countryside of Devon and lots of other beautiful places. Something about the place makes my soul say "Ahhh...I'm home".

4. I always wanted to have a baby and used to wish on those floaty flower things we called "Santa Clauses" every chance I got for my own little bundle. I was 37 before I got one.

5.My ultimate fantasy would be a day off on my own involving a good movie, lots of chocolate and followed by a 12 hour sleep in a big comfortable bed with nobody else within cooee.

OK...I now pass the baton to the following bloggers (with no obligation whatsoever if you aren't in the mood to play). I can actually only think of three people to pass this on to (and Le is probably too busy settling into Woop Woop and her new job. But feel free to go random on us, Le, if you are in the mood). Yes...I have a very small circle of bloggers!




Tammie said...

i love this. i love randomness. ct tagged me too and i still havent done it. i need to get busy.

do you think you'll have more "little bundles"? frankly, i can only handle 2.

your ultimate fantasy sounds wonderful. i could count on one hand the number of amazing sleeps ive had in the last decade.

beck said...

Thanks for tagging me! I liked reading about you, it's always interesting to find out a bit more about my fellow bloggers. I'm with you re the big sleep, gee I love being curled up in bed. Maybe I should stop there, I'll need to find five random things to post next time! xo

CT said...

Oh I'm right with you in the sleep in fantasy! all of it!

I love little babies, but as Tammie says, right now two are about as much as I can handle, and I somehow think that if we don't have more kids while the girls are small so they can grow up together, I frankly don't think I'm gonna dare go through the sleepless nights and frights again! lol!

Thanks, Heather! I loved getting to know you better

CT said...
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hester said...

I'm glad I didn't bore you all to tears.

Tammie - no more bundles for us. At almost 44, I'd have to be an absolute glutton for punishment.