Monday, August 3, 2009

The end of breastfeeding and other stuff

(Picture of G breastfeeding at a few months of age - doing the perfect "special K" mouth that you read about in breastfeeding brochures. I reckon there should be more photos of breastfeeding babies plastered about the place so that new mothers have some idea of what the whole "latching on" thing looks like. So....I have thrown shyness to the winds and posted my one and only blogging breastfeeding photo)

Just a quick hello. Life goes on here much the same but definitely more fun since we cut down on computer and tv hours. We've done the rainbow collage that Tammie showed on her blog a few months ago which was great fun. (Sorry, Tammie - I tried but failed to find that post and put the link here). We've also made those "chatterboxes" out of folded up paper that you write little sayings on inside. My friends and I loved them when we were little and I'm trying to remember the fun things I did as a kid so I can do them with my girls. When I was in primary school, fads came and went every few weeks and everyone would be skipping, yo-yo-ing, making string patterns on their fingers, playing "elastics", playing knuckles, playing "sevens" (bouncing a tennis ball on the ground and doing clapping etc before catching the ball). And good old hand clapping games like "Under the Rainbow" and "When Suzie was a Baby". Of course, if I was a more organised blogger, I would have taken photos of the rainbow collage and the chatterboxes. Never mind. (I just tried to find the camera and it seems to be missing. Oops)

Big news (for me) is that I gave G her last breastfeed a few nights ago. I'm hoping I feel less tired and grumpy VERY soon. (Is it rude to type in capitals when blogging? Does it imply yelling like in emails? I mean only to add feeling). We've been talking about it for ages. I feel I have well and truly followed the World Health Organisation recommendation of breastfeeding until 2 years of age and then as long as mother and child want to. She, of course, still wants to but I have had enough. I do feel a bit guilty as I am taking away something she loves but it's probably more important for her to have a happy, less tired mother (with a libido). Anyway.....we had discussed getting a special present for giving up "bee bee" and she was thinking of a "pink and yellow poodle". I'm not sure if the toy shop stocks those. But we saw a great toy cash register this week and she just loved it. It was a bit expensive but I thought "What the heck". Also, I know the big sister and all visiting children would also love playing with it and I thought it would inspire lots of imaginative play, so I bought it. I offered a last breastfeed during the day but she said "No thanks. I a big girl. I have a cash reger". But we had one last bedtime drink for Mummy's benefit and I treasured every moment.

The first bedtime with no breastfeed went fine. I was amazed. Just a half hour of snuggling and chit chat and she went to sleep. But the next night when she asked for "beebee" and I said "No...bee bee is finished" she was quite disappointed. "Take that cash reger back to the shop and give me some bee bee" she demanded. But I stayed strong and there has been no "bee bee". I apologise if this is all too much information for some people (that would be you, Christopher) but it's nice to jot it down for posterity.

Yes...there are photos of the last day of breastfeeding but I shan't be posting them!

PS I know I was talking about taking a blogging sabbatical, but then I found out that two friends have been dropping in and I would miss everyone too much and I have been enjoying finding lovely new blogs like Beck's blog and What Makes You Happy so I am still here, blogging. Yes...the TV is on and Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses is playing but G is playing with the box of wooden blocks and E is drawing with crayons next to me, so I don't feel quite as guilty as usual.

PPS My big brother was married to his beautiful girl in Dili on the weekend. If you read this, you two, Congratulations!!!!!! We were with you in spirit.


What makes you happy? said...

All very interesting, my last time was along time ago as my children are all in their teens, but I'm sure that posts like this will help young mothers.

beck said...

I really loved this post Hester. Not everyone can or does breastfeed but it's such a lovely part of life as a mum. Your daughter is lucky to have had that special time with you. It's also good you knew when to stop, for your own health, and did it in a loving and kind way. I found the last breastfeed was very emotional but I knew it was time. You sound like a really wonderful mum. Take care xo

Tammie said...

this is a great post. i loved breastfeeding my kids and was sad to see those days end. im amazed you went the full two years though---im impressed. i think i eked out a year on each of my kids. they just werent interested. here in the states though there is a big push to introduce milk at a year. i wonder had i not introduced it if they would have been more willing to breastfeed longer.

Don't worry about the link to the post. I'm not concerned. :) My labels on my posts are not very helpful. I'm working on going through all the archives and re-labeling them so things are easy to find-but its a long process.

congrats to your brother!

Tammie said...

ive been thinking about this more and i wanted to thank you for posting this picture. i agree with you---more photos like this need to be all over the internet. the whole breast feeding process needs to be demystified. i wish i had thought to take similar photos, because it really is sweet.

hester said...

Thanks Tammie.'s the end of an era. You did well to feed your two for so long and should be proud.