Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Let the sewing begin

Finally....I have my own sewing machine. I put a deposit on a secondhand one yesterday and the lovely man said "You can take your machine home and pay the rest later". What a guy! So far, the machine is just sitting on the playroom table where I can admire it.

Haven't been able to blog as Em is sick with a nasty bout of tonsilits and asleep on the living room floor. Refuses to take ANY panadol etc which is very very frustrating.

See you soon.


Tammie said...

yay for the sewing machine!

i hope em feels better---and that the illness doesnt spread.

le @ thirdontheright said...

ohhhh how fab :) now go sew up a storm of fabulous !! le xoxo

Miss Prudence said...

Fabulous! And don't you love it when you meet a trusting soul? Are you an accomplished sewer or a struggling self taught one like me that desperately wants to actualise the ideas in her head (that's me)?

Retreat : yes. I have done this a few times. Even for a weekend, I must admit I behaved in a very drastic manner to kick off the first one LOL..but the results were outstanding and he travels heaps so he appreciates I need a break once a year. Get your people to talk to mine!!