Monday, August 17, 2009

a ride in the bush

We decided to avoid the annual "Show" this year as we are being cautious about the swine flu. It's in a lot of schools anyway, but with E being asthmatic we don't want to be milling around with thousands of people. Also last year we spent a ridiculous amount of money on entry, rides for the children, sample bags etc. So....this year we went for a horse ride instead. I think, officially, they were ponies actually. E got to ride her favourite pony called Patch. (Scott doesn't always wear that ridiculous hat - he was minding it for E). We went with our lovely neighbours so it was a good chance to chat and catch up.

After the ride, we like to give the horses an apple. Here's what happened.

Eventually, the poor horse got to eat the apple, with a bit of added dirt for extra flavour.
The weather was gorgeous and we had a lovely relaxed time being out in the bush. I led one of the ponies which required slight concentration so that I didn't get stepped on.
Afterwards, we all drove towards home and stopped in a creekside park to eat our picnic, enjoy the sunshine and let the children play in the playground. It was SO good to have a lazy day (and be out of our messy house)


beck said...

Sounds like a truly lovely day. And probably a better use of your money! Show's can be fun but they do cost a lot. My kids love horses too, there are alot around this area. Glad you had a fun family day xo

Tammie said...

i love these pictures. scott in the hat is hilarious.

hester said...

Yes...he looks like a keystone cop!

What makes you happy? said...

Sounds like a fabulous way to spend a day.

CT said...

hehehe! love the photos!!!!

Sadly, we are having another flu warning, and we are just waiting to see if the school year will indeed start on time. Both my girls are going this year!!! oh time flies!!!

Heather! I tagged you on my blog! hehehe! I really really want to read what you will respond!

Dee from Downunder said...

We avoided the Ekka too, same reason - my little one gets asthma. maybe they will finally move it (Ekka)to a non flu season - then we can start going. love the horsie pics