Monday, August 3, 2009

Photos to go with the previous post

Hurray! I found the camera. So here are some photos to accompany the last couple of posts.
First of all... the girls with the fruits of our labours doing craft instead of watching TV. (The rainbow collage we saw on Tammie's blog but can't find the specific link to).

Then the chatterbox thing which has little sayings inside eg "I love you", "Tickle me" etc. E just loves making these with me. I should try and do some step by step pictures in case anyone didn't do them as a child. Basically, you fold in the four corners of a square piece of paper so that the outside corners end up all touching in the middle. Then flip the piece of paper over and do the same on the other side. Then fold the whole thing in half so that you have two squares on one side and two squares on the other side. Slide your pointer fingers and thumbs into the pockets under the four squares and wiggle your fingers to make the chatterbox talk and reveal the pictures you have drawn on the inside. Write the funny sayings underneath the pictures on the inside flaps. When I was a child, the favourite naughty saying to write was "You stink!" for if your brother chose it. I'm sure kids these days could come up with a whole heap worse.

Then....we have some photos of the new garden we made last weekend. It was a windy day and we had colds so the hour or two we spent outside probably contributed to my chest infection and G's middle ear infection but it was still worth it. We had so much fun and because we planted seedlings as well as nasturtium seeds, we already have picked a posy of pansies and snapdragons to give E'g grade one teacher.

Poor Kipper was chained up during proceedings and looked on woefully as we fenced off his favourite flower bed for sleeping in the sun. He had completely flattened the lovely sun jewels that my mother-in-law gave me.

Re G's middle ear infection, I have held off on the antibiotics for the first time (when a doctor has said they are needed - must be the brainwashing of my nursing training) and tried putting warm garlic oil in her ears instead, plus some panadol at night. It's only 4 weeks since the poor child had a course of antibiotics for her ears and I just hated the idea of another lot so soon. So.....we've had two nights of no ear pain which is great and I'm hoping she can avoid the antibiotics and fight the infection herself. I need her to be well by Thursday as I took both my work days off last week when I was sick and have stuff I really need to do in the office this week (like upset the owners of about-to-be-heritage listed buildings).


Tammie said...

i never knew how to make those box things. i was always so jealous of girls who could.

Tammie said...

also: poor kipper looks so sad that he cant go and destroy the flowers.